Sauna Usinsh 2

Sauna price

23 353 
EUR / 19 300 EUR without VAT

Initially Usinsh was created as a traditional Latvian wet sauna for rituals that are performed by a sauna master. It’s been made in such a way that it is an ergonomic workspace for the master, all the while the comfort of a typical sauna visitor has been kept in mind. The free-standing lover benches can be either moved under the upper benches or used as a footrest in a seated position.

If Latvian wet sauna traditions are close to your heart, Usinsh is the way to go. We have designed and created the heating room benches in the optimum height and width for working with sauna brooms. An important note for those who like to use sauna brooms and body scrubs in the sauna: the flooring solution is chosen to make the clean-up easy and quick.

Up to eight persons at a time can find a seat on the sauna benches, or alternatively two persons can comfortably fit on the benches laying down in full length. The anteroom is roomy enough to lounge in between the heating sessions. 

Pirts Ūsiņš aprīkota ar latviešu pirtij tik ierasto malkas krāsni, kas ļauj apkurei izmantot dabisku kurināmo un elektroenerģiju patērēt tikai apgaismojumam. Ventilation intake and exhaust openings, as well as a small window located in the heating room allow for proper air flow and temperature adjustment as needed.

The REBORN sauna is based on a shipping container – so you can be sure that it won’t lose stability or integrity after the journey from the factory to its new home.

Technical specification of the sauna

Floor area 14.7 m2
Anteroom floor area (internal) 5.9 m2
Sauna room floor area (internal) 6.2 m2
Load-bearing structure Shipping container frame
External finish Metal with wood elements
Power supply 1 phase
Dimensions of the sauna room 275 x 215cm (length x width)
Dimensions of the anteroom 290 x 215cm (length x width)
Materials used for the sauna room (walls and ceiling) Tongue and groove alder planks
Materials used for the sauna room (floor) Ceramic tiles
Anteroom materials Pine tongue and groove planks
Wall heat insulation 50 – 85 mm, closed-pore polyurethane   system*
Heat insulation for the sauna room floor  30mm, Finnform FL300PX
Heat insulation for the anteroom floor  50mm, Finnform FL300PX
Ceiling heat insulation 100 mm, closed-pore polyurethane system
Sauna heater type Wood fed
Sauna heater model Ozols 25m3
Volume of the firewood heated water boiler 60l
Electric water heater 50l
Shower Yes (in the sauna room)
Material for the benches Black alder boards
Dimensions of upper bench 215 x 80cm (length x width)
Dimensions of lower bench 195 x 60cm (length x width)
Cold water inlet Yes
Interior lighting LED
External lighting 6 pcs
Electricity sockets 5 pcs
Ventilation Yes
Anteroom window with a leaf Brugmann 5 chamber window profile system, equipped with Roto fittings, selective coating for the glazing units, glazing unit thickness 44mm, Thermix frame. Window dimensions with frame 140 x 220 cm, leaf dimensions 80 x 220 cm
Back window of the sauna  room** Brugmann 5 chamber window profile system, selective coating for the glazing units, glazing unit thickness 44mm, Thermix frame. Window dimensions with frame 185 x 60 cm
Ventilation window of sauna room Black aspen, the dimensions 40 x 40cm, can be opened

*The external wall is a profiled shipping container wall (profile height 30 mm).

** Optional at extra price 400 EUR (not included in the total price displayed below)

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