Our story is a story about rebirth. About the second life of a building – as it is reborn, from a shipping container to a modern, comfortable sauna, residential module, a compact office or a place where you can store your household equipment.


There are things so stable and foundational that you can rely on them for those qualities, and each REBORN building is such. REBORN constructions utilize a refurbished shipping container that has travelled the seas, and no trip can open a crack in their wholeness.


We would like our things to serve us instead of making ourselves the servants of our possessions. REBORN buildings are flexible at meeting individual desires, taste and lifestyle. They are ready to go with you even if you move to another country.


The number of people aware of their impact on the environment grow by the day. Responsible resource consumption plays a big role in that. Each REBORN building offers a second chance to a shipping container, saving 2 tons of metal from turning into rust.


The world that surrounds us impacts us in certain ways, and often times that leads to tension, fatigue and decline of energy levels. REBORN started out with saunas, which are excellent for the regeneration and cleansing of the body, mind and energy, especially when experienced in Latvian traditions in the company of our friends or family, or a sauna master.


Each and single one of us is looking for ways to improve our wellbeing – some ways are more effective, some - less so. REBORN was brought to life with the idea to do this seeking effectively through the sauna experience – as generations of people have done it.

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