Price: 12 900 EUR + VAT

A storage room for your house, a motorcycle garage, a household building or your personal workshop – only you know what you need. REBORN household module is ideally suited such purposes – wherever you need a small, insulated building without any particular interior design subtleties. We have made sure that this functional structure will be both convenient and practical.

This REBORN utility module can be used both for private needs and as auxiliary premises for a business. The innermost part of the module contains a separate room with added heat insulation that you can use, for example, to store harvest from your garden or some paint.

The module is equipped with electric wiring, and the entrance and windows are covered from the outside by blinds with an automatic opening mechanism.

The REBORN module is based on a shipping container frame – so you can rely on its stability and integrity after the journey from the factory to its new home.



Total floor area14.7 m2
Internal floor area of the smallest room4.7 m2
Internal floor area of the largest room7.8 m2
Load-bearing structureShipping container frame
External finishPaint-covered metal with wood elements
Power supply1 phase
Dimensions of the smallest room220 x 215cm (length x width)
Dimensions of the largest room365 x 215cm (length x width)
Finishing materials (walls and ceiling)9 mm plywood
Heat insulation for the smallest room’s walls30 – 55 mm, closed-pore polyurethane system* (intended mainly for acoustic insulation)
Heat insulation for the largest room’s walls50 – 85 mm, closed-pore polyurethane system*
Floor insulation for the smallest roomNone
Floor heat insulation for the largest room50mm, Finnform FL300PX
Ceiling heat insulation for the smallest room40 mm, closed-pore polyurethane system (intended mainly for acoustic insulation)
Ceiling heat insulation for the largest room100 mm, closed-pore polyurethane system
IInterior lightingLED
Exterior lighting6 pcs
Power sockets8 pcs
Doors to the smallest roomInsulated metal doors
Control for the roller shutterAutomatic
Dimensions of the roller shutter (entrance to the largest room)230 x 225cm (length x width)

*The external wall is a profiled shipping container wall (profile height 30 mm).